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Welcome to - the starting point to learn more about our organization.


Cataloochee Ski Patrol (CSP)  has over 100 dedicated members who wear the ski patrol cross to promote safe skiing and help the sick and injured.


All members of CSP are also members of the National Ski Patrol.


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About Us

Our patrol is comprised of both a weekday paid staff and a weekend volunteer staff.  The volunteer ski patroller typically works every third weekend throughout the winter. Our paid staff has both full-time and part-time seasonal opportunities, and works primarily on the weekdays. 


The Cataloochee Ski Patrol is a diverse group ranging in age from 15 to 75 plus. Our backgrounds range from college students to engineers, to medical doctors and nearly every background in between. We have ski patrollers in their first season working hand in hand with veteran ski patrollers of over 40 years.  We have married couples who patrol together, mothers and daughters who patrol together, and friends who have recruited other friends.


If you join our ski patrol family, you will find a supportive and welcoming group of talented individuals with a common interest in skiing and helping others. Please understand that new ski patroller training is hard, but we will offer you training and support to succeed . Along the way you will learn a lot about yourself, and make some new friends. 


We Are Professionals

All CSP members are (OEC) Outdoor Emergency Care technicians or operate under OEC protocols. There are two distinct tracks to join CSP. The first track requires that you must either have a current medical certification or license such as WFR, EMT-B, RN, or PA and successfully complete our weekend challenge test to earn an OEC certification. This includes a written test and a hand-on skills “scenario based” evaluation.  A current  Professional Rescuer CPR certification is also required annually.


The second track is designed for those who wish to join the ski patrol but lack current certifications or prior medical training. The OEC class is taught by CSP instructors and takes approximately 4 months to complete.  The current format includes weekly online work, and in person review sessions with hands-on practice and feedback. 


To join CSP, your skiing and riding ability will be evaluated. We are primarily looking for candidates who snowboard or ski at an intermediate level or above.

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