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What is SWAP? 

SWAP is our (ski with a patroller) opportunity for you to learn about our ski patrol and interview /tryout. It is a full day of learning, skiing, and sitting down for an interview to understand why you are interested in joining. Information will include what a patroller does at Cataloochee, different tracks to become a patroller, ski training opportunities, medical training information, and dates for classes and training. 

What are the dates/times for SWAP this ski season? You only need to attend one date. 

2023-2024 Season SWAP dates are set for:

Sunday December 3 at 7 am

Sunday January      28th at 7 am

Sunday February    25th at 7am 

How do I sign up?

The first step is to submit a contact form with all your information. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Why do people get involved with and participate in Cataloochee Ski Patrol?

We love the sport;
We possess a strong desire to help others; and,

We love wearing the ski patrol cross with honor

Who makes up the Cataloochee Ski Patrol?

We come from all walks of life including: accountants, doctors, lawyers, ministers, teachers,
EMS professionals, executives, the construction industry, mail carriers, engineers, students,
and retirees;
We live as far away as Florida or as close as Maggie Valley;
We include skiers, snowboarders, and telemarkers;
Approximately 60% of us are Volunteers and 40% are Paid;
Volunteer Patrollers provide coverage on all weekends during the season; and,

Paid Patrollers provide coverage M-F, and Sunday nights.

How good of a skier do I need to be to join the Cataloochee Ski Patrol?

During SWAP we will evaluate your riding or skiing skills to determine if you qualify for our ski training program. We prefer to take on candidates with intermediate level riding or skiing skills, or above.


Do I need prior medical or emergency care experience?

You do not need prior medical or emergency care experience;
Our training begins with the Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) training course. This is a
medical class and practical training program developed by the National
Ski Patrol. OEC is appropriately compared to the training received by a Basic Emergency
Care Technician (EMT-B);

OEC classes are offered both in Atlanta, Georgia, and at Cataloochee Ski Area. We will be starting a new OEC class in January 2021 held at the ski area, every other Sunday, from 830 am-430 pm. Summer classes typically start in June or July, and continue into mid-November. Total class time for the OEC course runs 120-140 hours. Practical and written evaluations are required to pass the course; and

Certain Medical Professionals, such as MD's, DO's RN's, PA's, Paramedic's, EMT's, or WFR's with 72+ hours of class time may challenge the course by demonstrating all of the necessary skill performances.



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